Investment Philosophy

Real estate development will always involve risk. Our role as an investor, owner, and developer is to manage risk through thoughtful evaluation of projects, dependable execution of construction, and expert positioning of an asset or development. Despite infinite precautions and intelligent preparation, we accept and embrace the cyclical nature of real estate. Our focus on timing is a hallmark of our projects and key determinant of success. We constantly refine our interpretation of macroeconomic cycles, events, and expectations, while tailoring our investment criteria to reflect economic data and trends for a given metropolis or region.

Underpinning our investment philosophy is the belief that cities will continue to be at the core of economic and population growth for the foreseeable future. As such, we prefer urban markets with high barriers to entry, solid infrastructure, a business-friendly political and social climate, geographic significance, and institutional economic bases with firmly rooted operations.

In terms of product type and investment magnitude, we fundamentally believe in thinking big and reimagining environments into the very best of dynamic, urban attractions. As such, we work across a broad spectrum of product types and geographies, seeking to create a complementary mix of uses where appropriate. We take a long-term approach to our investments, recognizing that, to create lasting value and transformative change, it takes a resolute commitment to a vision.