The Fallon Company’s passion and core strengths lie in the master planning and development of large-scale, urban mixed-use environments. With all our projects, we take a thoughtful and collaborative approach, engaging local stakeholders and experts to create a sense of place that best suits the local ecosystem while also enhancing the performance of each asset independently. Our development philosophy is built on several key principles that create best-in-class “live, work, play” environments.

  • Shared Vision

    Master development is a team game that demands integrity, collaboration, and a respect for community. This philosophy is embedded in our approach at every turn. We make sure to include local stakeholders, architects, community groups, and public leaders early in the process, emphasizing a collaborative approach from the outset. This sensitivity to local voices and willingness to listen early on are essential to create a shared vision for the site while mitigating future risks. There is no substitute for established local knowledge, and we recognize the importance of engaging this unique expertise with every project we build.

  • Integrated, Thoughtful Design

    Our master planning begins with a big-picture view; first and foremost, we design the site’s circulation, public spaces, and general massing. This holistic approach is the foundation upon which we conceptualize a theme and mix of uses we believe best suit the site. As we refine our plans, we strive to achieve sensible, timeless designs with architectural elements that work in harmony.

  • The Right Mix of Uses

    We design our developments so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our goal is that each component achieves its maximum potential, combining the optimal mix of uses that benefit one another as well as the greater community.

  • Walkability

    We believe the best urban environments are inherently walkable, with a streetscape that’s inviting and dynamic. As a master developer, we place a concentrated focus on ensuring our communities are pedestrian friendly. To us, an active streetscape through all hours of the day is the lifeblood of a successful urban mixed-use environment.

  • Distinct Entertainment and Retail

    To create a sense of place, a carefully curated mix of retail and entertainment is critical. Our developments go beyond traditional retail to offer a unique mix of amenities that complement the surrounding community. Destination retail and entertainment options as well as tactfully chosen dining and fitness offerings all work in harmony to create a self-sufficient ecosystem that draws visitors and residents 18 hours a day.

  • Urban Placemaking

    Although we prioritize having efficient layouts and designs, we recognize the importance of public spaces, cultural offerings, and distinctive event programming. These elements are fundamental to creating a sense of place and community. Our developments, though urban in nature, offer this sense of place through the infusion of natural and cultural elements, striking architectural accents, and the activation of public spaces through thoughtful programming.

  • Accessibility

    We believe that location and access to key transportation nodes are fundamental to a successful mixed-use environment that can sustain life at all hours. Accessibility considerations are therefore at the forefront of our thinking as we design and build a community.

  • Phasing

    As a developer that takes the long-term view, we are constantly challenging our assumptions. We pride ourselves on having a keen awareness of demographic trends and market cycles. As such, we approach master planning with an eye toward adaptability, recognizing the need to evolve as market conditions change. We do this through a phased approach, maintaining the flexibility to adjust plans and timing as the market dictates.