We are a privately held commercial real estate owner and developer of transformative, urban mixed-use environments headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded by Joseph F. Fallon in 1993, the Fallon Company has developed over $5 billion in real estate, representing more than six million square feet of property. A catalyst for one of the most vibrant new urban neighborhoods in the country, we pride ourselves on projects that transform communities. With offices in Boston, Charlotte and Raleigh, we are a growing and expanding company that has stayed true to the values of our founder while having the capacity and resources to undertake projects throughout the United States.

Over the course of 25 years, the Fallon Company has earned a reputation as one of the premier developers of transformational, urban mixed-use environments on the East Coast. Collectively, our senior executives have held senior management or principal roles in over $12 billion in ground-up real estate development in major urban markets throughout the United States.

In addition to continued development in its home market of Boston, The Fallon Company is actively working throughout the Eastern Seaboard, with offices located in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC.