Fan Pier

With the Financial District’s dramatic skyline as a backdrop, Fan Pier links Boston’s central business district to its new waterfront. Its high visibility location offers an unparalleled venue to experience and enjoy Boston Harbor as a dynamic place to live, work, dine, and socialize.

The Fallon Company embraced the exciting challenge to transform Fan Pier from nine city blocks of parking lots into a pedestrian friendly neighborhood with waterfront access. Today, it reflects an important phase in the city’s development with a quality of timelessness and advanced design. As both a destination and a gateway, Fan Pier encompasses three million square feet of commercial and residential real estate, public spaces for relaxation and reflection, and direct access to a variety of local transportation options.

A spectacular achievement of modern urban planning and the centerpiece waterfront site along Boston Harbor, Fan Pier is one of the largest private investments in the city of Boston.

Project Summary

The Fallon Company

A joint venture of The Fallon Company & Mass Mutual Financial Group

LEED Certified

2011 Preservation Achievement award for the Fan Pier Public Green