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The Fallon Company Chosen to Develop Nashville’s 30 Acres

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The Nashville Planning Department announced Tuesday morning that it intends to award a major city contract to the Fallon Company, a national real estate developer based in Boston. The company has done extensive waterfront development in Boston and several projects in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C. Fallon will oversee the city’s push to completely redevelop the East Bank, currently home to Nissan Stadium and the future home of the Titans’ new $2.1 billion domed arena.

Metro procurement officer Scott Ferguson shared the city’s decision with all bidders — eight in total — on Tuesday. The city opened bidding on the project in late February. (Metro’s current list of open government contracts can be found here.) Fallon will be responsible for “an initial development area of approximately 30 acres of City-owned land on the East Bank,” according to the city’s initial posting, and will work with global construction firm Turner and Brentwood-based Polk & Associates to build out the site, termed the “Central Waterfront District” in development materials.

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